The Effortless Approach

“We combine powerful software with fantastic people to make group benefits effortless.”

Effortless Admin addresses the many limitations of traditional approaches to consulting and plan administration. We provide both the software and the people to manage your group benefits effectively—so you can focus on your business.

We deliver end-to-end solutions

At Effortless Admin, we understand that you need a competitive group benefits package to attract and retain quality employees. We work with you and your consultant to design the perfect plan while keeping your costs down and your administration effortless.

1. Plan Design — We can implement anything your consultant designs for you.

Understanding your corporate philosophy for why you offer benefits to your employees is central to your consultant’s objectives in making recommendations. That is why it is important that there are no barriers to implementing the right solution. Regardless of your size, Effortless Admin facilitates a tailored group benefits solution for you.

More and more often, the best fit is found by mixing and matching across many carriers offering unique features, benefits, and services. But this approach typically means maintaining multiple systems and paying multiple bills. With Effortless Admin, you will only have one bill to pay.

2. Enroll - We onboard your employees with ease.

We have completely streamlined the onboarding process. Simply upload a payroll file to start your enrolments, and use our innovative “delegate” feature to distribute the work to your employees. Sit back and watch as they verify and complete their online enrolments using a paperless, fun process that takes 10 minutes or less. Welcome to the driver’s seat!

3. Control – Manage your employees simply and intuitively.

You’ll be amazed how easy managing your employee data can be. Our intuitive, real-time software uses wizards to help you every step of the way—no need for special training or underwriting manuals. Faxing or emailing changes is a thing of the past, removing the potential for liability caused through rekeying data.

And if you happen to have any questions, an expert is only a phone call away.

We also offer a unique data transfer service that eliminates unnecessary data entry. Upload a data extract from your payroll or HR system to our secure FTP site to automate enrolments, reinstatements, salary changes, and more. Don't have all of the data in your system? Not to worry—simply log onto the software to complete your work.

4. Audit — View your monthly billing, tailored to your specifications.

Your account manager will configure your bill the way that suits you best. We provide a single bill that consolidates all of your insurance carriers. Want detail on departments, divisions, or even classes? Our flexible software can handle it. With supplemental reports in Excel attached to every billing, Effortless Admin ensures that any report is automatically there when you need it.

Say goodbye to payroll reconciliation, mid-month cut-offs, and working on someone else’s schedule. With our software, you can update your employee information on the last working day of the month and eliminate the need to reconcile with payroll.

5. Insight — Your consultant is equipped with exceptional reporting on your plan’s performance.

Consultants love us because of the sophisticated, real-time reporting tools we offer. Our software lets them keep their fingers on the pulse of your plan’s performance throughout the year. As a result, you have the opportunity to adjust course mid-year, facilitating proactive plan changes, rather than reactive ones.

6. Renewal — Receive audited renewals that result in responsible, competitive rates.

One of the challenges in our industry is getting access to the right data to independently assess carrier rates. It’s hard to know how responsible your rates are at each renewal. Getting quotes from other carriers has always been the tool of choice for testing competitiveness, but this is a time-consuming process that rarely leaves you with increased confidence in your rates. We solve this problem.

Our carrier partners securely upload claims data to us monthly, encrypted and access controlled, protecting the privacy of your employees. We merge this data with stored eligibility data captured from your use of the software. Using industry underwriting calculations, your consultant is able to perform a fully independent audit, ensuring responsible, sustainable rates.