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Contract compliance

Contract Compliant

Our team will capture the fine grained details of each of your carrier contracts. We capture everything from your basic volume calculations, all the way down to what level of coverage a specific class has for a CPAP machine. On average, we capture about 1,000 parameters per employer.

Rules based platform

Fully Rules Based

We make your administration effortless and safe! Carrier admin guides are overwhelming, and policy contracts are intricate, so we constructed our platform with them in mind. Rest easy knowing that every change you make is processed through hundreds of rules that ensure that each change adheres to provincial laws and contract parameters.

Our rules-based wizards work tirelessly to make sure plan administers can work effectively and safely.

Integrated administration guides

Integrated Administration Guides

With the Effortless Admin platform, there’s no steep learning curve or time consuming training. Thanks to our robust rules-based engine and contract integration, your administration staff won’t need to memorize thick administration guides before they can start managing employee eligibility. You get the easiest and most comprehensive platform on the market.

Contract compliance

Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

Effortless Admin’s proprietary case management application was specifically designed to address the needs of employee benefits administration. Dozens of unique types of cases ensure proper follow up on situations like non-evidence maximums, soliciting overage dependent information, confirming common law dates, and much more.