What is Effortless Admin?

The group benefits landscape is changing, and Effortless Admin is evolving with it. Sophisticated and fully web based, Effortless Admin simplifies benefit plan administration and brings stakeholders together.

For Employers

Greater control and management of your data

  • Intuitive employee & employer web access
  • Contract driven wizard – no underwriting manuals
  • Effortless onboarding – paperless
  • Integrated user experience across multiple carriers
  • Tailored billing formats
  • Reconciliation eliminated – last day cut-off
  • Real-time everything – reports, changes, billings...
  • Solutions & reporting customization
  • Unique data transfer services – reduces input
  • Role based security access – define multiple PA's
  • Live call - Benefits Specialist support
  • Scales to any group size and complexity

For Consultants

Efficiencies in your business means time for your clients

  • Insight into plan performance
  • Increased solutions through multi-carrier admin
  • Access to unique provider solutions
  • Access to competitive pools
  • Real-time plan performance reporting
  • Access to unique accounting solutions
  • Compensation management tools
  • Support through Client Account rep
  • Business management suite

For Carriers

Lowering costs and liability

  • Plan administrator and plan member call support
  • Contracts management
  • Beneficiary document management
  • Benefits booklet generation
  • Eligibility data uploads
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1. Build the right plan.

Meet with your consultant.

We work with top-tier consultants across Canada. If you don’t already have a consultant, talk to us and we’ll pair you with one of our partners. Together, you and your consultant will use the Effortless Admin software to create the perfect group benefits solution.

Understand your options.

Thanks to our strong relationships with best-in-class carriers, you will have a wide array of traditional and specialty products to choose from. Effortless Admin is designed to administer any benefit effortlessly.

Customize your plan.

Your consultant will help you create the perfect plan. Effortless Admin facilitates the coordination of tailor-made, best-in-class carrier solutions. That means you can offer the best definitions and coverage options, regardless of the carrier.

One of our skilled account managers will work directly with your consultant to make sure you end up with the plan that works best for you.

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2. Enjoy effortless administration.

Onboard Employees with ease.

We have completely streamlined the onboarding process. Use our innovative “delegate” feature to eliminate the burden of onboarding by distributing the work of data entry to the people who know the information best—your employees themselves. Online enrolments take less than 10 minutes. Your employees will find the process elegant, paperless, and fun.

Integrate your services.

Upload a data extract from your payroll or HR system to automate enrolments, reinstatements, salary changes, and more.

Experience an amazing interface.

The Effortless Admin software is the most intuitive web interface imaginable. It takes the guesswork out of managing employee group benefits so you feel fully in control.

Need help? We're here.

Your Group Benefits Specialist is here to help with your daily operations. He or she works with your carriers at the right level, acting as an important liaison. No matter what assistance you need, we can help you find the best solution. Trust us, we’ve seen it all.

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3. Control your costs.

See your plan's performance.

The Effortless Admin software provides your consultant with interactive, real-time reporting stored securely online. With this insight into your plan’s performance, your consultant can enhance or change the plan when necessary. Our real-time reports support the highest-performing consultants in our industry.

Benefit from audited renewals.

At renewal time, your consultant will use our software to audit the carrier’s renewal to make sure that you are treated fairly and responsibly, without having to fight for the right terms.

Experience responsible rates.

Responsible rates ARE possible. Our consultants use a suite of analytical and management tools to keep your rates stable, competitive, and sustainable.

Boutique service at no added cost.

Effortless Admin performs many carrier relief functions as cost-saving services, automating functionality that once demanded costly management. Our reputation in the industry translates to volume, influence, and opportunity—which in turn bring benefits to you.

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