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One enrollment

No Re-enrollment

Once enrolled on the Effortless Admin platform, your employees will never have to re-enroll again. Carriers can be changed or specialty benefits can be added to your plan without the need for more paperwork.

History retained

History retained

You commit a lot of time managing your employees’ eligibility data. It’s a shame to lose that valuable information when you change carriers. With Effortless Admin that is not a problem. You always retain a full record of each employee’s history.

Platform and service consistency

Consistent Platform and Service

When an employer changes an insurance carrier or supplements their plan with a new product, they are faced with the challenge of retraining their administration staff and educating their employees on new processes. This naturally leads to confusion and wasted time. Thankfully, Effortless Admin solves these challenges. Employers have the freedom to design and modify their benefits plan knowing that the experience won’t change for their administration staff or employees.