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Billing cut-off

Reduce Adjustments

You can update your employee data right up to the last business day of the month. Our late cut-off means you can say goodbye to those pesky retroactive adjustments.

Invoice preview

Preview Invoices

At any point in time, you can preview an up-to-date copy of your current month’s invoice. The invoice will be posted on the last business day of the month.

Billing attachments

Billing Attachments

Additional reports can be attached to your monthly invoice such as an annual taxable report or a spreadsheet version of your invoice.

Billing consolidation

Consolidated Billing

Get one consolidated invoice each month. It doesn’t matter how simple things are or how complex they get, you’ll only receive one invoice and make one payment.

Carrier remittance

We Remit to the Carrier

Whether you have one insurance carrier or five, you only ever have one invoice to pay. We handle remitting payments to your insurance carrier for you.