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HRIS, payroll, carrier integrations

We are the employee benefit industry's integration experts. Three main integration types support your business: payroll/HRIS integrations, carrier eligibility uploads and claims detail downloads.

Payroll and HRIS

There is no all-in-one HR/Benefits/Payroll platform that does everything well. Every platform has their inherent strengths and weaknesses. The Effortless Admin platform was designed to do one thing and to do that one thing better than any other platform: benefits administration.

Integrating best-in-class systems together allows your organization to pick and choose the software that best meets your needs while not sacrificing the efficiencies that all-in-one systems bring: reduced data entry.

Integrating your payroll and/or HRIS system with the Effortless Admin platform reduces your workload and the risks associated with duplicate data entry by automatically pushing and pulling data between systems. For example, as soon as an employee is added to your payroll or HRIS system, an enrollment can be started in the Effortless Admin platform. Then you just needs to fill in the missing information (for example, benefit elections) and submit the enrollment.

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Benefit Eligibility

Manually trying to keep multiple insurance carrier websites in sync is no small task. This type of work is tedious, time consuming and very error prone. And it puts your business at unnecessary risk. We understand the liability that is created when you try to manually sync two systems. That's why we work with our carrier partners to engineer systems that upload eligibility data from our platform directly into the insurance carrier’s system... with absolutely no human intervention.


Detailed claims information is stored in our secure data warehouse in Canada in accordance with strict access guidelines. We merge the claim records with the eligibility data captured from your plan administration. By doing this, the platform is able to produce independent renewal calculations and rich analytics that visualize the health of your plan.