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Helping you optimize your firm

We give Canadian insurance advisors access to the most robust and elegant software in the industry. If you are an advisor in Canada, we can help you increase efficiency, get actionable insight into a plan's performance, simplify the renewal process and optimize your level of service. From quoting to renewals and everything in between, we have you covered.

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Get actionable insight

Be informed like never before with meaningful insight into each client. No more demanding manual report creation or waiting until renewal time to review plan performance. Our tools offer actionable insight through interactive analytics that are updated every month.

Simplify renewals

Perform complex renewal calculations in seconds. Vetted by the industry, our platform uses standard formulas to calculate a renewal position that considers an array of financial factors including detailed claims history, eligibility data, trend factors and many more. Rest easy knowing that every rate is responsible and sustainable.

Access the market

We currently have 17 carrier integrations and we are constantly looking to expand our network to include client centric, quality carriers. If your carrier is not part of our network and you would like to benefit from our benefits management platform, we are able to integrate with your carrier at no cost.

The decision to use this system was the best business decision I have made in the last 25 years. I am absolutely delighted.

Bill Cole (Principal) - W.D. Cole & Associates