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The last employee benefits platform you and your clients will ever need.

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Your clients trust you.

Finally, a benefits administration partner worth trusting.

Effortless empowers Advisors to retain direct control of their client and carrier relationships, while improving client satisfaction through enhanced user experience and service delivery.

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Our admin excellence is your competitive advantage.

Effortless is a true third-party administrator.

We do not consult. We do not market proprietary product bundles. We are not owned or controlled by any market stakeholder. We administer the plans you create. We stay in our lane, always focused on the success of our Broker partners by serving their clients.

Introduce pain free administration

Streamlined Onboarding Enroll employees once with flexible digital onboarding tools Admin Process Automation Rules-based processes and automations make client administration a breeze Consolidated Billing A single bill consolidates carriers and client reconciliation is a thing of the past

Benefit from smooth and accurate admin

Reduced Liability Reduce risk and increase accuracy through integrated compliance Backed by Support Specialists Our benefits admin concierge is available on demand to support your clients Eliminate Duplication Integrate your client with the industry through an HCM integration

Strategically aligned to accelerate your growth.

Proven to improve closing, retention & practice scalability.

Effortless is the only benefits administration software designed from day 1 with the Advisor in mind. Canada’s leading Advisors know that placing clients with Effortless gives them a stable platform upon which they can build lasting, successful client relationships. Many things will change over time: product trends, HR tech requirements, employee demographics, client expectation, etc. Leverage Effortless as your strategic partner to bring the level of flexibility you need to serve your clients in a rapidly changing business environment.

Industry leading benefits management software