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Great user experience

Consistent & Consolidated Experience

Unify your employee benefits management into a single, robust platform. With only one, rules-based platform to maintain, you gain the freedom of knowing that you can add or change carriers without increasing your staff’s workload or changing their processes.

No learning curve

No Learning Curve

The interface isn’t just unified, it’s elegant. There’s no steep learning curve or time-consuming training, and you don’t need to study thick administration guides to manage employee eligibility. With Effortless Admin you get the easiest and most comprehensive platform on the market.

Ongoing contract compliance

Contract Compliance

Employee data is managed through intuitive wizards that are quick and easy to use. Each wizard is governed by rules that will help you safely manage your data. Hundreds of rules exist to ensure that each change adheres to provincial laws and the details of your policy contracts. The result is a reduction in errors, training costs and liability.

Complex made simple

Complex Made Simple

It doesn’t matter how simple things are or how complex they get. You will only ever have one interface to use, one enrollment process to manage, one support team to work with and one monthly invoice to pay… unless you want separate bills. Just ask. We can do that too ;)

Carrier integrations

Integrated With Your Carrier

We are proud to say that we have a proven track record of developing positive carrier relationships. Currently more than 30 active carrier integrations and we are constantly looking to expand our network to include client centric, quality carriers. The Effortless Admin platform automatically sends eligibility data to our carrier partners.

History retained

Keep Your History

You commit a lot of time managing your employees’ eligibility data. Mined strategically, your employee data, contract data and claims data is a mountain of invaluable information. Don’t lose sight of this data when you change insurance carriers or product providers.