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Meet Effortless Admin’s Newest Partner: HRWARE

Meet Effortless Admin’s Newest Partner: HRWARE

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with HRWARE to integrate their Aperio HR platform with Effortless Admin. We at Effortless Admin take pride in our focus to be the best at what we do: Benefits. We are ecstatic to have a Canadian HR product partner that takes the same pride in their focus on Human Capital Management.

This integration will help take your HR product stack to the next level by pairing 2 of Canada’s most robust and complimentary HRIS platforms to reduce the workload and risks associated with duplicate data entry by automatically pulling data from HRWARE Aperio into Effortless Admin.



HRWARE delivers innovative cloud-based HR technology solutions to simplify day-to-day HR management. With over 25 years in the HR tech space, we understand the present and future needs of HR technology better than most.

Aperio, a cloud-based Human Resource Management Solution is a giant step forward in HRWARE's pledge to deliver a truly disruptive HR Solution that makes managing people both easy and effective. We at HRWARE are committed to providing our clients with an exceptional "Position Based" Human Capital Management technology experience, backed by the certified HR professionals you can count on. In Q1 2019, HRWARE is adding a truly Canadian Payroll to its portfolio of solutions to help fellow Canadians businesses more easily manage their Payroll requirements, be they simple or complex.