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What is Effortless Admin?

Organizations invest a lot of time and effort in administering their employee benefits plans. These challenges are due in part to the frustrating complexities of traditional onboarding, administration systems and billing reconciliation; these complexities compound when taking advantage of multiple carriers. Effortless Admin is an online multi-carrier platform that provides employers with a simple and robust unified interface for managing employee benefits programs.

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Group Benefits Enrollment

Effortless Admin offers employee self-service enrollment options that allow employees to enroll digitally into their group benefits program. The unified Effortless enrollment process allows employees to enroll once for all benefits. Enrollments can be performed on any internet connected device and in most cases can be completed with an e-signature. Enrolling into a modular flex plan? Re-enrollment happens annually and completely digitally.

Platform and service consistency

Coverage Information on the Go

Employees can easily access and update their personal information, and browse their coverages through an intuitive employee site. Any changes an employee makes are automatically and electronically pushed to the appropriate insurance carriers and providers. In most cases employees can also access their health and dental claims ID card digitally. Employees are automatically invited to register for their employee site once enrolled.