Fantastic People

“Top-tier experts ready to assist you.”

Our aim is to provide you and your consultant with the best group benefits experience possible. And the way we do that is through our highly skilled staff.

Only the best consultants

Our consultants get it. They know that understanding your corporate philosophy on offering employee benefits is critical to your plan’s success. With Effortless Admin, our consultants gain insight into your plan’s performance and negotiate effectively with the carrier(s) to achieve renewal rates that are responsible and sustainable. They understand that managing your plan this way produces long-term savings that only our unique access and independent analysis can accomplish. They know that the service team, committed to client support, will keep them apprised of important issues that carriers rarely advise on. They gain insight and provide their clients with control. Our consultants are the new face of group benefits consulting.

Dependable support from specialists

In this business, good support is hard to find. When you go direct to the carrier, you must deal with the inconsistencies of tier-one call-centre support, forcing you to be the expert. This translates to errors and wasted time. We eliminate this frustration by providing you with the best group benefits specialists.

An expert to turn to

We become an integral part of the companies we work with. We see what works and what doesn't and know how to streamline administrative processes. With Effortless Admin, this expertise is only a phone call away.

Real people to count on

On its own, software is just software—but backed by problem-solving specialists, it’s a real solution. We bundle our in-house software with in-house specialists. You get everything you need, in one unified experience.

Consistent help every time

We get to know your business and how you work, so we can provide better service, help you streamline your operation, and work together more efficiently.

The best support, without compromise

Our experienced staff provides assistance to both plan administrator and plan member. We act as an important liaison to the carrier on issues requiring program knowledge and expertise. Because we partner with many insurance carriers on a wide array of products, we have knowledge and understanding that is hard to come by. Let us reduce your liability, eliminate your training costs, and give you peace of mind.