Brand Guidelines

Welcome to our partner branding guidelines and brand assets. In order to make it easy for you to use our branding we’ve created some simple guidelines to keep the brand consistent and looking its best.

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The Icon

Effortless Admin icon

If the Effortless Admin branding has already been clearly established, the icon element alone can be used.

The Colours

  • Blue


    R26 G153 B214

    C75 M25 Y0 K0

    H199 S87 B83

    PMS 2925C/2995U

  • Green


    R110 G190 B68

    C61 M0 Y100 K0

    H98 S63 B74

    PMS 360C/368U

  • Yellow


    R248 G186 B42

    C2 M28 Y93 K0

    H40 S82 B97

    PMS 7409C/7406U

  • Gray


    R57 G57 B60

    C70 M63 Y58 K51

    H240 S4 B23

    PMS 447C

The Rules


The full colour logo should always be used on light background. When using the logo on a dark background, the following variation is available.


The logo should always be surrounded by plenty of whitespace. The requirements here define the minimum whitespace that should accompany the logo. Make sure that the surrounding whitespace is equal to half the height of the icon element on all sides.

Effortless Admin icon spacing Effortless Admin logo spacing


In order to remain legible and look its best, the logo shouldn’t be displayed smaller than 32px (web) or 8mm (print) in height.


This list of logo faux pas are critical to avoid when considering logo placement and usage.

  • Don’t change the colour of any piece of the logo.
  • Don’t stretch or compress the logo.
  • Don’t rotate the logo.
  • Don’t use the logo without the icon.
  • Don’t manipulate any individual component of the logo.
  • Don’t use the logo on a background colour that clashes or is busy.
  • Don’t try and reproduce the logo, all the assets are available to download. :)

The End

Thanks for familiarizing yourself with the branding guidelines. If you have any questions contact us at