About Effortless Admin

“Making the world of Group Benefits a better place—and loving every minute.”

Effortless Admin started as a side project way back in 2004. David Ross, the president of our fine company, was dissatisfied with the landscape of group benefits administration, and was determined to solve problems our industry had resigned itself to live with—problems like a 15th-of-the-month (or earlier) cut-off, faxing changes and dealing with the fallout of human error, entering the same data into multiple carrier websites, a deluge of paperwork. The list goes on.

In 2004, we rolled out our first website. It was targeted at simplifying enrolments, updates, and status changes for plan administrators. Our objective was to create a collection of easy-to-use wizards that would guide a plan administrator through any type of change. The wizards were a hit! They were so elegant and intuitive that a person with no benefits experience at all could process enrolments, salary changes, and so forth, with absolutely no training. On our end, the process was still quite manual, but it was a start. A really great start.

Since then, we have developed an amazing suite of real-time tools for plan administrators and consultants. Throughout our journey, we’ve tried to stay true to our core belief—to make our software fun and effortless to use—and to deliver exceptional customer support. We owe a huge thanks to our community for their input and excitement. We hope you all continue to be a part of our evolution.

Constantly evolving

Our user experience developers are constantly collaborating with staff and consultants to find better ways to serve our clients. And behind the scenes, our team of software engineers has its hands full implementing the brilliant ideas our user experience team dreams up. We hire thoughtfully, because we're building a team to scale with the demands of our clients. Would you like to be a part of this journey? Apply within.

Don't take our word for it

Hundreds of companies of all sizes use Effortless Admin to manage their groups benefits plan every month. They love the efficiencies we bring, and we love helping them do it.