About Us

Effortless Admin is a fully web-based, multi-carrier, software solution, that provides employers with a unified interface for managing employee benefits. Our goal is to provide the best benefits administration experience to employers, empower advisors with the deepest levels of insight into all aspects of their business, and ultimately bring everyone together to work as effectively as possible.

Our Journey

We started on this journey back in 2004 when we decided we needed to do something about the backward group benefits administration landscape in Canada. So, we launched our first simple, but elegant, admin website. Since then we’ve grown it into an enterprise application capable of supporting any group benefits products, delivering a great experience, and keeping up with changing trends in the Canadian market.

Throughout our journey, we’ve tried to stay true to our core belief—to make our software fun and effortless to use—and to deliver exceptional customer support. We owe a huge thanks to our community for their input and excitement. We hope you all continue to be a part of our evolution.

Don't take our word for it

Hundreds of companies and advisors of all sizes use Effortless Admin to manage their group benefits plan every month. They love the efficiencies we bring, and we love helping them do it.

Our Development Stats

  • 28M-ish

    Lines of code

  • 3

    Screens on average per developer

  • 91,940

    Seconds until our next standup

  • 3.25 ± 2

    Cups of coffee consumed a day

In Effortless Admin, we have found a strong effective partner in our group benefits program, and I commend them highly.

Ron (Executive director)